MODEL 120/140/300

Measurements for model 120/140/300

model Total length Barrel length Cap length Barrel width
120 125 mm 95 mm 60 mm 12 mm
130 mm 101 mm 62,5 mm 12 mm
140 125 mm 95 mm 60 mm 12 mm
300 130 mm 102 mm 62 mm 12 mm

1952 - 1965

The model Ibis would never produced from 1952 and would replaced by model 140. The color black and green striped you will find very often, the other colors are very rare.

from top to bottom:
140 green striped - 140 red - 140 darkgreen

model barrel cap
length: 125 mm
140 green striped black
140 green striped black, chrom trim
140 barrel green, black twist button black
140 barrel green, black twist button black, chrom trim
140 black black
140 bordeaux red bordeaux red
140 dark blue dark blue
140 grey grey
140 dark green dark green
140 mother-of-pearl, dark brown twist button mother-of-pearl, dark brown cap head
140 light tortiose, dark brown twist button light tortiose, dark brown cap head
140 transparent (demonstrator), black twist button black
140 yellow, blue twist button
(for Continental)
yellow, blue cap head
length: 133 mm
140 red, nib marked Gimborn red, Exportmodel/Gimborn
140 green, nib marked Gimborn green, Exportmodel/Gimborn
140 dark blue, nib marked Gimborn dark blue, Exportmodel/Gimborn
140 black, nib marked Gimborn black, Exportmodel/Gimborn

MODEL 140 for special use

model 140 für Zeichenlochen

model barrel cap
140 E
black black
140 Z
black black
für Zeichenlochen

This pens are from the normal production and see as different only through the engraving at the cap. By use of a special ink this pens would used to write to punch cards and bar-code labels.


MODEL Deskpen approx. 1955
produced by Pelikan Milano

Pelikan Deskpen black

model barrel cap
length: 186 mm
Deskpen black
nib 14 Carat
without cap
Deskpen green striped
nib 14 Carat
without cap


Pens model 300 were only produced for export. The shape of this model is exact like the model 140, but the size is the same as the model 400.

model 300 black

model barrel cap
300 green striped black
300 black black

MODEL 120 Type I

modell 120

1955 - 1965

model barrel cap
length: approx. 125 mm
120 barrel green, black twist button black (1955 - 1965)
120 black black (1955 - 1965)
120 green striped black (1955 - 1965)
120 Deskpen barrel green, black extension without cap
length: 176 mm (including nib)

model 120 deskpen
picture: Otto Lütkemeyer

MODEL 120 Type II

model 120 Merz und Krell

1973 - 1977

This model has the following different features to model 120 type I:
1. straight grip
2. no rim between the mechanism and the barrel
3. the edge of the cap is in conical shape
This model was produced by the manufacturer Merz and Krell by order of Guenther Wagner.

model barrel cap
120 barrel green, black twist button black (1973 - 1977)
120 black black (1973 - 1977)

from top to bottom:
400NN - 400N - 400 - 300 - 140


MODELL M120N (2016 Re-issue)

This wellknown student fountain pen was launched in 1955. The re-launch kept the traditional shape. It has also the proven Pelikan piston fountain pen technology. The material of the barrel and cap is high-quality resin. Clip and cap ring are gold plated. The nib is a stainless steel nib. Pelikan has added a special engraving on the nib which was found in a Pelikan price list of 1889.
This pen is a special edition.

model barrel cap
length: approx. 130 mm
barrel green, black twist button black
barrel iconic blue,
twist button und grip iconic blue
iconic blue

Pelikan Model M120N (re-issue)

Pelikan Model M120N Iconic Blue (re-issue)